Snow Melt/Heated Driveway in Vaughan makeover

One of our recent snow melt projects in Vaughan.No more shovelling for this happy customer.

This driveway and enterance steps are ready for it's makeorver. Included is a 650 square ft., snow melt system powered by an NTI Trinity TFT 175 to allow for future garage air handler as well as in floor radiant.


Any time a gas supply line passes under a driveway, it has to be at least 24" deep.

HeatSheet Insulation

Exponentially increasing efficiency with the 60 PSI HeatSheet to prevent heat loss into the ground.

Snow-melt Manifold

Installing the manifold as close to the driveway as possble also increases efficiency and prevents heat loss through the soil. These will be supplied by 1" lines indise the garage.

Tekmar 090

The little white tube is where we want to strategically place the snow melt sensor. It has to be flush with the final grade as well as in between the pex tubing for most accurate readings.

NTI Trinity TFT 175MBTU

NTI Trinity TFT175 boiler has been sized out for this snow melt to allow for future expansion of in floor heating in the house as well as the garage. The boiler has been mounted and now for the remaining equipment to fall into place.

Schuller Hydronic Separator

We use this Schuller Hydronic Separator to act as a low loss header preventing thermal shock to the boiler as well as allowing air to escape through the top. In addition to this, dirt settles to the bottom for easy cleaning without draining the system.

Snow Melt mechanical

The snow melt system in its entirety ready for the season.Expansion tank has been mounted safely and securely as well as this automatic digital glycol feeder which fills the system as air escapes. The condensate pump neutralizes the flue as well as pumps it into the drain.

Snow Melt in action

This happy costomer can throw away their shovel and enjoy their heated driveway!

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