Natural gas, in it's pure state, is colourless, odourless and non-detectable to the human senses.To be able to easily identify it, a non-toxic substance called mercaptan is added to the gas, giving it the distinct smell of `rotten eggs`.

Should you detect natural gas in your home, immediately call your gas supplier. They have emergency procedures in place to handle situations like this. A tech will be dispatched to your home to confirm the leak and shut off your gas supply. (S)he will then provide you with a red tag identifying the reason for the shut off.

Types of red tags

"A" tags are code infractions that may cause direct or indirect danger to you or your home.  Gas leaks, dangerous carbon monoxide levels or hazardous situations are common reasons for an "A" tag. The gas will be shut off at the meter and a certified professional will have to fix the problem, sign off on the tag and then turn the gas back on.

The second is a "B" tag which means that you have a 45 day grace period to correct the infraction before Enbridge comes out to shut off your gas meter. Common A and B type infractions are:

4.3.7 It shall be the responsibility of the installer of a piping or tubing system to perform pressure tests in accordance with Clause 6.22.2 and to ensure that the piping or tubing system is gas-tight at the completion of the tests.

6.12.2 - An unthreaded portion of a piping outlet shall extend at least 1 in (25 mm) through either a finished ceiling or a finished wall, and at least 2 in (50 mm) through a floor.

6.14.7 - A close nipple, a street elbow, or a street tee shall not be used in a piping system.

6.15.8 - Piping or tubing entering a building shall rise above grade before entry, unless otherwise permitted by the authority having jurisdiction.

CSA Canadian Standards Association B149.1-10 - January 2010

Please feel free to contact Inc. to make the appropriate corrections and have your gas supply resumed as soon as possible. Inc.


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