If you smell natural gas in your home, your first step is to contact the Enbridge emergency line. They will dispatch a technician and verify the leak. In the event that they can isolate the line, they will do so, if not they will shut down the service at the meter or main supply line. Detecting a gas leak can be a very elaborate process.

What is involved?

Our gas leak repairs are very thorough and second to none. The first step is to isolate all appliances and prevent their regulators from being damaged from this process. Once the line is isolated, we can pressurize the line to “stress” the joint and fittings and start our detection process. A variety of techniques can be applied to this procedure depending on your homes configuration. Once a leak is detected it is then repaired. A subsequent pressure test will have to be performed to ensure the gas line is totally sealed.

Natural Gas Leak Repair

4.3.7 It shall be the responsibility of the installer of a piping or tubing system to perform pressure tests in accordance with Clause 6.22.2 and to ensure that the piping or tubing system is gas-tight at the completion of the tests.

CSA Canadian Standards Association B149.1-10 - January 2010

Soap Test Gas Leak

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