Reasons to switch to Natural Gas!

Did you know that you cannot convert your Natural Gas BBQ to LPG (propane). The reason for this is that when you are setup on Natural Gas, the orifices of your BBQ are slightly larger than those of a propane system. If only the hose is swapped out and not the orifices you would be releasing too much propane into your BBQ causing a fire/explosion hazard under the right circumstances.

When it comes to great outdoor cooking, it’s all about control and performance. A natural gas grill delivers consistent heat, and a continual flow of fuel. There are 2 main advantages of running Natural gas for your BBQ;

Convenience - Natural gas grills are incredibly convenient because they have no tanks and provide an endless and economical gas supply to meet your grilling needs. Running your BBQ on high with a propane tank will expend the tank within 7 hours.

Cost- As you will note in the table below, Natural gas is approximately 1/3 of the price of propane to operate.

Making the switch will not only keep your hard earned money in your pocket, it will also increase the resale value of your home.
Annual Natural Gas BBQ Savings

Calculations were based on the following rates:
Natural Gas $0.35386375 per m3
Propane - $15 per 20lb tank

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